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The Marks Of A Cult

Be prepared when the cults come knocking!

By David Breese


With the cult explosion of our time, these marks should be memorized by all.


1.  Extra Biblical Revelation False doctrine from outside the Bible


2.  Salvation By Works Denial of salvation by faith alone


3.  Uncertain Hope Cultists are never sure of heaven


4.  Presumptuous Messianic Leadership Arrogant religious rulers command others


5.  Defective Christology Denial of the Deity and/or humanity of Christ


6.  Segmented Biblical Attention Ignoring the whole counsel of God for picking and choosing


7.  Financial Exploitation Money is the object


8.  Denunciation of Other All others are infidels, reprobates


9.  Sexual Exploitation Having eyes full of adultery


10. Syncretism Allowing a composite (differing beliefs), pagan religions


11. Religious Enslavement Denying freedom in Christ


12. Entangling Organizational Structure Membership equals salvation



For more imperative information read: Know The Marks Of Cults by Dave Breese available from your Christian bookstore or from: Christian Destiny Inc.  P.O. Box C  Hillsboro, KS 67063-0015

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