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True Science Proves the Existence of God!!!




For the last hundred years, Science (so called), in it’s promise to provide a unified body of knowledge for the explanation of man’s existence, has been predisposed to eliminate God as a viable answer.  These ‘enlightened thinkers’ would lead the world out of darkness by answering man’s deepest questions.  The evidence which would prove the existence of everything by purely ‘natural means’ has been elusive.  The religion of Evolution has now been incorporated into all segments of society, including politics and industry, with all of its negative and damaging effects despite the fact that it lacks one shred of evidence.  Their theories have been forced upon us as facts, their process of indoctrination is taught at the earliest levels of education, and have been incorporated into all fields of study.


Because there is no evidence to support their assertions, they have been force to attack, make fun of and ostracized all who disagreed with their conclusions.  Their fury, even extends to the suppressing data that contradicts their theories.  This was again recently proved by the Federal Court decision that refused to allow the adding of a disclaimer to the school’s text books, which states, "evolution is only a theory and not an established fact."  Despite being unable to support their theory they consistently deny the possibility and the evidence which points to a Creator God.


True science points to the fact that our universe had a beginning.  Matter, time, and space are not eternal. For all who deny God within our ‘cause and effect’ universe, this has posed quite a problem.  An effect is anything that begins to exist or is produced.  There can never be an effect without there being a sufficient cause.  Therefore, if our universe had a beginning, then there must be a Cause.  It is impossible for a cause to be created by NOTHING, even if you add a lot of time to it.  If we heard a little bang as we walk down the road, and asked what caused it, we would not accept an answer as "nothing caused it."  Yet that is what the scientist have proposed with the "Big Bang" theory - they desperately want us to believe it - but how could we accept such an answer?


The fact that there is a beginning is the greatest proof that there is a God.  The fact of a beginning also tells us much about this God.  This God is revealed in His creation, as the Bible declares that He is.  To effect something as vast as the universe requires that the cause be sufficient in power.  Thus we learn that God is omnipotent.  The fact that the cause created all matter proves that the cause is not corporeal and is beyond matter.  Thus we learn that God is Spirit and is infinite.  God is separate from His creation (He is not synonymous with the trees and the grass).  The fact that the cause effected time tells us that this God is outside of time thus making God eternal and uncaused. God is not bound by the laws of nature - He being the lawgiver.  This universe is governed by laws even down to the molecular level.  From the telescope to the microscope - we see order even in the simplest organisms.  Thus we see that this God is omniscient (all knowing).  All of this demands an intelligent Designer.


The complexities of the human body and its development proves that we are not a product of mere chance.  Our bodies were designed to relate to the world into which they were born.  Our eyes were made to see light, our ears to hear sound, and our senses to feel.  This disproves the idea of a chance and shows us a God who created us for a purpose.  The fact that we have emotions tells us that the God who created us has emotion.  The fact that we have a will shows us that the God who created us has a will.  Thus we see that this eternal, infinite, all powerful Creator is an actual person who possesses intelligence, sensibility, and will.  God is not an impersonal force.  And the existence of our conscience shows us that God has a perfect law.  There is right and there is wrong.  We learn then that this God is holy.


Much more could be said in defense of the ‘being’ of God.  We are not mere accidents.  A person may drop some paint but that will not create the Mona Lisa painting.  Someone may by chance see the resemblance of a face in a rock but that chance cannot create Mount Rushmore.  There may be an explosion of letters but it could never produce a dictionary.  All of our lives we have been taught by the "so called" Science, that we are insignificant and without purpose.  But our very existence shows us that we were created for a purpose.  The Bible tells us that we are and were created for God’s pleasure and not our own. (Rev. 4:11)  True Science rightly proves that there was a beginning, and so it rightly proves that there is a God.


This God has revealed Himself in His creation that we may know Him.  He has revealed Himself in the person of Jesus Christ as was proved by His resurrection, which is the most proved historical event of all time.  We may know this God through the person of Jesus Christ.  "No man hath seen God at any time; the only begotten Son, which is in the bosom of the Father, he hath declared him." (John 1:18)  Science, in its long trek, has come full circle, and came back to the words of Scripture.  "In the beginning God . . . ." (Gen. 1:1)

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