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Miracles Of The Bible


The modern scientific enterprise would seek to explain all events, processes and phenomena on a strictly naturalistic basis, alleging that miracles are impossible.  Any supposed supernatural occurrence, if examined carefully enough, will prove to have a purely natural explanation, at least potentially explicable in terms of scientific laws and processes.


Yet this approach is tantamount to atheism.  If God exist, He created these laws and processes and can surely intervene in them if He so choose.  The question is one of evidence, not possibility.  God’s laws are good and efficient laws, and God would intervene in them only rarely, but always with good reason and good evidence.  These two criteria (adequate reason adequate evidence) are satisfied by all the Biblical miracles.


We need to recognize two basic types of miracles - miracles of creation (which supersede the basic laws of nature) and miracles of providence (which operates within those laws but which manipulate the timing, location or rate of natural processes).


Miracles of creation require negating one or both of the two laws of thermodynamics (conservation of mass / energy and increase of entropy).  Such miracles would include special creation of matter, energy, order, information, complexity, biological life or spiritual life.  Miracles of providence operate within the framework of the two laws but require control of process rate or timing.


The table below summarizes and categorize all the miracles in the Bible.  The list should be essentially complete, and the assigned categories are somewhat arbitrary, but at least illustrative.


Miracles Of Creation

(Miracles of Creation, requiring divine intervention in one or both of the two basic laws of science, the laws of conservation of mass / energy and the law of increasing entropy)


Creation Of Matter

Miracle  And  Reference

Creation of Physical Cosmos:  Geneis 1:1; 2:4; Col. 1:16

Fire and Brimstone:  Genesis 19:24

The Unconsumed Burning Bush:  Exodus 3:3

Daily Bread From Heaven: Exodus 16:35

Water from the Rock: Exodus 17:6

Unfailing Oil and Meal: 1 Kings 17:14

Elijah’s Meal in the Wilderness:  1 Kings 19:6

Increase of the Widow’s Oil:  2 Kings 4:2-6

Feeding of One Hundred Men:  2 Kings 4:42-44

Feeding Five Thousand Men:  Matt. 14:21; Mk. 6:44; Lk. 9:14-17; John 6:10,11

Feeding Four Thousand Men:  Matthew 15:34-38; Mark 8:4-9


Creation of Energy, Force, or Power

Miracle  And  Reference

Energizing the Created Cosmos:  Genesis 1:2,3

Translation of Enoch:  Genesis 5:24

Smoking Furnace and Burning Lamp:  Genesis 15:17

Pillar of Cloud and Fire:  Exodus 13:21

Wall of Water at the Red Sea:  Exodus 14:29

Giving of the Law on Sinai:  Exodus 24:12-18; 31:18

Glory Cloud in the Tabernacle:  Exodus 40:35

Burning of Nadab and Abihu:  Leviticus 10:1,2

Fire of the Lord at Taberah:  Numbers 11:1,2

Sun and Moon Standing Still:  Joshua 10:11-14

Consumption of Gideon’s Offering:  Judges 6:21

Glory Cloud in the Temple:  1 Kings 8:10,11; 2 Chronicles 7:1,2

Fire on Elijah’s People:  1 Kings 18:37-39

Elijah’s Deliverance by Fire from Heaven: 2 Kings 1:10-14

Parting of the Water by Elijah’s Mantle:  2 Kings 2:8

Translation of Elijah:  2 Kings 2:11

Parting of the Waters by Elisha:  2 Kings 2:14

The Floating Ax-head:  2 Kings 6:6

Reversing Shadow on the Sun Dial:  2 Kings 20:11; Isaiah 38:8

Translation of Ezekiel:  Ezekiel 3:14,15

Protection in the Fiery Furnace:  Daniel 3:20-26

Voice from Heaven at Christ’s Baptism:  Matt. 3:17; Mark 1:11; Luke 3:22

Walking on the Water:  Matthew 14:25; Mark 6:48; John 6:19

Transfiguration of Christ:  Matthew 17:2,3; Mark 9:2,3; Luke 9:29-31

Darkness at the Cross:  Matthew 27:45; Mark 15:33; Luke 23:45

Rending of the Temple Veil:  Matthew 27:51; Mark 15:38; Luke 23:45

Ascension of Christ:  Mark 16:19; Luke 24:51; Acts 1:9

Translation of Philip:  Acts 8:39

Rapture of Paul to Paradise:  2 Corinthians 12:2-4


Creation of Order, Information, or Complexity

Miracle  And  Reference

Formation of Atmosphere and Hydrosphere:  Genesis 1:6-8

Formation of Lithosphere and Biosphere:  Genesis 1:9-13

Formation of Astrophere:  Genesis 1:14-19

Formation of Air and Water Animals:  Genesis 1:20-23

Formation of Land Animals:  Genesis 1:24,25

Formation of Man and Woman:  Genesis 1:26,27

Formation of New Tongues at Babel:  Genesis 11:9

Restoration of Moses’ Leprous Hand:  Exodus 4:7

Turning of Rivers into Blood:  Exodus 7:20

Balaam’s Ass Enabled to Speak:  Numbers 22:28

Healing of Naaman’s Leprosy:  2 Kings 5:14

Healing the Leper:  Matt. 8:3; Mark 1:40,41; Luke 5:12-14

Healing of the Centurion’s Servant:  Matthew 8:13; Luke 7:1-10

Healing of Two Blind Men:  Matthew 9:29-30

Healing a Withered Hand:  Matthew 12:13; Mark 3:5; Luke 6:10

Healing of the Blind and Dumb Demoniac: Mathew 12:22; Luke 11:14

Healing Two Blind Men at Jericho:  Matthew 20:30-34

Healing of the Ten Lepers:  Luke 17:12-14

Turning Water into Wine:  John 2:9-11

Healing of the Nobleman’s Son: John 4:46-52 

Healing of the Crippled Man at Bethesda:  John 5:9

Sight for the Man Born Blind:  John 9:1-7

The Great Catch of Fishes:  John 21:11

Healing at the Beautiful Gate of the Temple:  Acts 3:6-8

Healing of the Cripple at Lystra:  Acts 14:8-10


Creation of Biological Life

Miracle  And  Reference

Creation of Life (Nephesh):  Genesis 1:21

Conception of Isaac:  Gnesis 21:1,2

Transformation of Rod to Serpent:  Exodus 4:2-4

Budding of Aaron’s Rod:  Numbers 17:8

Raising of Samuel by the Witch of Endor:  1 Samuel 28:11,12

Raising the Widow’s Son:  1 Kings 17:22

Raising the Shunammite’s Son:  2 Kings 4:33-36

Raising at the Tomb of Elisha:  2 Kings 13:21

The Handwriting on the Wall:  Daniel 5:5

Raising of Jairus’s Daughter:  Matthew 9:25

Bodies of Saints Rising:  Matthew 27:52

Raising of the Widows’s Son:  Luke 7:15

Raising of Lazarus:  John 11:43,44

Raising of Tabitha by Peter:  Acts 9:40,41

Raising of Paul after Stoning:  Acts 14:19,20

Raising of Eutychus by Paul:  Acts 20:9-12


Creation of Spiritual Life, or Spiritual Renewal

Miracle  And  Reference

Creation of Man in the Image of God:  Genesis 1:27

Entering of the Holy Spirit into Ezekiel:  Ezekiel 2:2

Virgin Birth of Christ:  Matthew 1:18-25; Luke 1:26-38

Resurrection of Christ:  Matthew 8:6; Romans 8:11; 1 Corinthians 15:42-25

Coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost:  Acts 2:2-6

Reception of the Holy Spirit by Laying on of Hands:  Acts 8:17

Conversion of Saul:  Acts 9:3-7

Holy Spirit Received at the House of Cornelius:  Acts 10:44-46

Holy Spirit Received by the Disciples of John:  Acts 19:6



(Miracles performed within the two basic laws governing natural processes, but requiring divine or angelic control of process rate and timing)

Miracle  And  Reference

Simultaneous Eruption of Fountains of the Deep:  Genesis 7:11

Forty-day Global Rain:  Genesis 7:12

Global Wind to Assuage the Flood:  Genesis 8:1

Establishment of the Rainbow:  Genesis 9:13

Removal of the Plague of Flies:  Exodus 8:31

Plague of Hail and Fire:  Exodus 9:23,24

Stopping of the Hail and Fire:  Exodus 9:33

Wind to Remove the Locusts:  Exodus 10:19

Plague of Thick Darkness:  Exodus 10:23

Sweetening of the Waters of Marah:  Exodus 15:25

Wind to Bring in the Quail:  Numbers 11:31

Earthquake to Swallow Korah:  Numbers 16:31-33

Water from the Rock at Meribah:  Numbers 20:10,11

Non-aging Raiment:  Deuteronomy 8:4

Drying of the Jordan:  Josgua 3:15-17

Collapse of the Walls of Jericho:  Joshua 6:20

Stars Fighting Against Sisera:  Judges 5:20,21

Consumption of Gideon’s Offering:  Judges 6:21

Wet Fleece and Dry Ground:  Judges 6:38

Dry Fleece and Wet Ground:  Judges 6:40

Consumption of Manoah’s Offering:  Judges 13:19,20

Thunder on the Philistines:  1 Samuel 7:10

Thunder and Rain for Samuel:  1 Samuel 12:18

The Great Trembling Among the Philistines:  1 Samuel 14:15,16

Going Sound in the Mulberry Trees:  2 Samuel 5:24

Elijah’s Three-and-one-half-year Drought:  1 Kings 17:1

End of the Drought:  1 Kings 18:42-45

Wind, Earthquake, and Fire:  1 Kings 19:11,12

Healing of the Waters:  2 Kings 2:21

Water Seen as Blood:  2 King 3:22

Meal to Heal Death in the Pot:  2 Kings 4:40,41

Jonah’s Ship and the Tempest:  Jonah 1:4

Star of Bethlehem:  Matthew 2:2-9

Stilling the Waves:  Matthew 8:26; Mark 4:39; Luke 8:24

Earthquake at Calvary:  Matthew 27:51

Earthquake at the Tomb:  Matthew 28:2

Opening of the Tomb:  Matthew 28:2; Mark 16:4; Luke 24:2; John 20:1

Shaking in the Disciple’s Room:  Acts 4:31

Opening the Prison Doors:  Acts 5:19

Release of Peter from Prison:  Acts 12:5-7

Earthquake in Philippian Prison:  Acts 16:25,26


Control of Biological Process Rates or Timing

Miracle And Reference

Migration of Animals to Noah’s Ark:  Genesis 6:20

Transmutation of Lot’s Wife into Salt:  Genesis 19:26

Plague of Frog Multiplication:  Exodus 8:6

Death of Frogs:  Exodus 8:13

Plague of Lice:  Exodus 8:17

Plague of Flies:  Exodus 8:24

Plague of Murrain on Cattle:  Exodus 9:3

Plague of Locusts:  Exodus 10:13-15

Non-swelling Feet:  Deuteronomy 8:4

Jonah Preserved in the Whale:  Jonah 2:10

The Gourd and the Worm:  Jonah 4:6,7

Withering of the Fig Tree:  Matthew 21:19; Mark 11:20,21

Heavy Draught of Fishes:  Luke 5:6


Acceleration of Decay Processes in Human Bobies

Miracle  And  Reference

Mark on Cain:  Genesis 4:15

Plague on Pharaoh’s House:  Genesis 12:17

Blindness of the Sodomites:  Genesis 19:11

Barrenness of Abimelech’s Wives:  Genesis 20:18

Shrinking of Jacob’s Thigh:  Genesis 32:25

Leprosy in Moses’ Hand:  Exodus 4:6

Plague of Boils:  Exodus 9:10

Plague of Firstborns Death:  Exodus 12:29

Plague from Eating Quail:  Numbers 11:33

Miriam’s Leprosy:  Numbers 12:10

Plague from Following Balaam:  Numbers 25:8,9

Destruction of Samson’s Strength:  Judgs 16:17-19

Plague from Presence of the Ark:  1 Samuel 5:2-11; 6:19

Death of Uzzah from Touching the Ark:  2 Samuel 6:6,7

Plague from David’s Census:  2 Samuel 24:15,16

Leprosy on Elisha’s Servant:  2 Kings 5:27

Blindness of the Syrians:  2 Kins 6:18

Slaying of Sennacherib’s Army:  2 Kings 19:35

Uzziah’s Leprosy:  2 Chronicles 26:19,20

Madness of Nebuchadnezzar:  Daniel 4:31-33

Death of Christ:  Matthew 27:50; Mark 15:37; Luke 23:46; John 19:30

Dumbness of Zacharias:  Luke 1:20

Death of Ananias:  Acts 5:5

Death of Sapphira:  Acts 5:10

Death of Herod:  Acts 12:23

Blindness of Elymas:  Acts 13:11


Acceleration of Healing Processes in Human Bodies

Miracle And Reference

Removal of Plague from Pharaoh’s House:  Genesis 12:17

Healing the Womb of Abimelech’s Wife:  Genesis 20:17

Rebekah’s Barrenness Healed:  Genesis 25:21

Rachel Made Fertile:  Genesis 30:22

Healing of the Serpent Bites:  Numbers 21:8

Restoration of Samson’s Strength:  Judges 16:28-30

Conception of Samuel:  1 Samuel 1:27

Stopping of the Numbering Plague:  2 Samuel 24:16

Conception by the Shunammite:  2 Kings 4:17

Healing of Hezekiah:  2 Kings 20:5-7

Removal of Nebuchadnezzar’s Madness:  Daniel 4:34-36

Healing of Peter’s Mother-in-law:  Matthew 8:15; Mark 1:31; Luke 4:39

Healing of the Palsied Man:  Matthew 9:6; Mark 2:12; Luke 5:25

Stopping the Issue of Blood:  Matthew 9:22; Mark 5:29; Luke 8:47

Healing of the Deaf and Dumb Man:  Mark 7:32-35

The Blind at Bethsaida:  Mark 8:22-25

Blind of Bartimaeus:  Mark 10:46-52; Luke 18:35-43

Conception of John the Baptist:  Luke 1:24

Removal of Zacharias’s Dumbness:  Luke 1:64

Man with the Dropsy:  Luke 14:4

Restoration of the Severed Ear:  Luke 22:51

Removal of Saul’s Blindness:  Acts 9:18

Healing of Aeneas:  Acts 9:33,34

Healing of the Viper Bite:  Acts 28:3-6

Healing of Publius’s Father:  Acts 28:8


Casting Out Demons

Miracles And Reference

Evil Spirit in Saul:  1 Samuel 16:23

Two Men in the Gaderene Tombs:  Matthew 8:28-32; Mark 5:2-13; Luke 8:26-33

Dumb Man in Capernaum:  Matthew 9:32,33

Blind and Dumb Man:  Matthew 12:22; Luke 11:14

Syro-Phoenician Woman’s Daughter:  Matthew 15:22-28; Mark 7:25-30

Demon-possessed Child:  Matthew 17:14-18; Mark 9:17-27; Luke 9:38-42

Capernaum Synagogue Demoniac:  Mark 1:23-26; Luke 4:31-37

Mary Magdalene:  Luke 8:2

Woman with Spirit of Infirmity:  Luke 13:11-13

Damsel at Philippi:  Acts 16:18


Providential Timing of Events

Miracles And Reference

Meeting of Rebekah and the Servant:  Genesis 24:14,15

Growth of Jacob’s Flock:  Genesis 31:9

Holding Up Moses’ Hands:  Exodus 17:11

Identification of Guilty Achan:  Joshua 7:18

Blessing on House of Obed-Edom:  2 Samuel 6:12

Prophet Slain by the Lion:  1 Kings 13:24

Elijah Fed by Raven:  1 Kings 17:6

Elisha and the Bear:  2 Kings 2:24

Deliverance of Jehoshaphat:  2 Chronicles 20:20-24

Daniel in the Lion’s Den: Daniel 6:22

Preparation of Jonah’s Fish:  Jonah 1:17

Tribute Money and the Fish:  Matthew 17:27



(Control of rate or timing of natural processes by Satan or Satanic angels, including hypnotic delusion)

Counterfeit Miracles of Creation

Miracle And Reference

Giants in the Earth:  Genesis 6:4

Magicians Making Rods Seem as Serpents:  Exodus 7:11,12

Giants in the Land:  Numbers 13:33

Evil Spirit in Saul:  1 Samuel 16:23

Lying Spirits of Ahab:  1 Kings 22:23; 2 Chronicles 18:22

Spirit Message to Eliphaz:  Job 4:15,16

Translation of Christ to Temple Pinnacle:  Matthew 4:5; Luke 4:9

Translation of Christ to High Mountain:  Matthew 4:8; Luke 4:5


Counterfeit Miracles of Providence

Miracle And Reference

Magicians Making Water as Blood:  Exodus 7:22

Magicians Causing Frogs to Multiply:  Exodus 8:7

Destruction of Job’s Oxen:  Job 1:14,15

Destruction of Job’s Sheep:  Job 1:16

Death of Job’s Servants:  Job 1:17

Death of Job’s Children:  Job 1:19

Boils on Job’s Body:  Job 2:7

Paul’s Thorn in the Flesh:  2 Corinthians 12:7


(Taken from The Biblical Basis for Modern Science, by Henry M. Morris)

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