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Dear reader

The purpose of this page is to provide

some lessons that we believe will aid

Christians in their daily walk. We hope

that they will be helpful to you and

enable you to grow in grace and the

knowledge of our Lord and Savior

Jesus Christ.  (II Pet. 3:18) 


To the right of this page you will find a

menu.  Please feel free to join us in our



 Bible Baptist Church



 In This Section:

 Helps For The New Christian
 Rules For Christian Living
 Another Gospel
 When Christians Sin
 Helps For Witnessing
 The Logic Of Biblical Creation
 Living Purely In An Impure World
 Miracles Of The Bible
 Bible Prophecies Fulfilled
 Archaic Words And KJV
 Apparent Errors & The KJV
 Lift Up Your Eyes
 Election And Freewill
 Peace: A Fact & A Feeling
 Levels of Faith
 Love Not The World
 Biblical Chronology

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