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The New Birth


Acknowledgments:  The thoughts in this work are by no means original, but they have been compiled by many sources of which are too numerous to name.  Most have come from sermons and books of many great men of God, to which I owe much thanks.  In addition, the doctrine portrayed in this work, has come from personal study in the Word of God.  The subject of this study was compiled by a series of sermons, which the Lord graciously allowed me to preach.


I was approached by my father, and Pastor, and asked if I would type them out.  Hence, I began this compilation of material. Much of this work, while not being original, was heavy upon my heart and became very fruitful in my over-all understanding of the Scriptures.  It has been a great blessing not only in my personal study and preaching but also in the writing.  It is my hope that, in your reading about the "New Birth In Christ" whether you agree or disagree with some of the conclusions of this work, God may enrich your heart as He has mine.

May God Bless.

Yours in Christ,

Jason Tackett


















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 My Journey
 What It Is Not
 Born Of The Word
 The Picture Of Baptism
 The New Creature
 The Sons Of God
 Danger - Second Blessing Doctrine
 What Must I Do To Be Saved?

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